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Identify the issue.

Organizational solutions are derived from first identifying an aspect that needs fixing. Where is your company holding back? What ideas need to be brought in and what stagnant ideals need eliminating?

Start by looking inward. Growth and productivity rely on working with people, identifying their limitations and enhancing their strengths. For this, Sandbox has developed a series of custom designed experiences that are the first of its kind in Sri Lanka, by carrying out essential diagnostics and engaging your employees in a thoughtfully strategized experience that aims at creating maximum impact to enable maximum positive change.

Identify the issue

Think beyond team building.

Sandbox goes beyond one dimensional team building. Our projects are designed to focus on holistic and multi-dimensional Company Transformation. With us, your growth is a meticulously executed process, not a sprint.

We provide solutions that will expose your employees into high pressure scenarios where individuals must challenge themselves to make tough decisions in an environment that simulates the reality of the industry they work in.

To learn, to grow, and to transform requires a unique experience, a struggle, and a lasting memory.

The continually rising standard of your industry calls for a different league of team development that will take your company to heights previously only hoped for. 

think beyond team building

Transforming mindsets.

Winning begins with the mind. Careful and thorough analytics is the first step in determining the medium and method through which the mindset of your employees can be changed.

The experiences designed by Sandbox tap into the strengths and weaknesses of your teams and provide opportunities through which individuals can counter their limitations using skills accessed from within themselves. Our data analytics-based experiences will push your employees to become the kind of self-learning high performance teams that will take your company to the next level.

We are experts at transforming organizations through the transformation of employee mindsets.

transforming mindsets
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