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The role is for a self-motivated and managed position.

We'll be focusing on skills to get the job done coupled with tools (like Python, R, SQL, Excel, Tableau, etc.) Our focus will be what you'll need to do as a data analyst, and not just how you do those things. You will have to be able to manage your own time efficiently in order to complete tasks given to you by Sandbox. Domain knowledge changes from industry to industry, so you may find yourself needing to research and learn quickly.You will need the ability to break down tasks and set up your own deadlines.


You will need to own your own laptop, though one maybe provided to you and work within the office environment in Nugegoda as part of the greater team.  The ability to communicate in multiple formats is a key data analyst skill. Writing, speaking, explaining, listening— strong communication skills across all of these areas will help you succeed.


  1. Data Cleaning and Preparation

    • Research shows that data cleaning and preparation accounts for around 80% of the work of data professionals. This makes it perhaps the key skill for anyone serious about getting a job in data.

  2. Data Analysis and Exploration

    • At its core, data analysis means taking a business question or need and turning it into a data question. Then, you'll need to transform and analyze data to extract an answer to that question.

  3. Statistical Knowledge

    • A strong foundation in probability and statistics is an important data analyst skill. This knowledge will help guide your analysis and exploration and help you understand the data that you're working with.

  4. Creating Data Visualizations

    • Data visualizations make trends and patterns in data easier to understand. Humans are visual creatures, and most people aren’t going to be able to get meaningful insight by looking at a giant spreadsheet of numbers. As a data analyst, you'll need to be able to create plots and charts to help communicate your data and findings visually.​

  5. Creating Dashboards and/or Reports

    • As a data analyst, you'll need to empower others within your organization to use data to make key decisions. By building dashboards and reports, you’ll be giving others access to important data by removing technical barriers.​

  6. Writing and Communication Skills

    • Written communication is also incredibly important — you'll almost certainly need to write up your analysis and recommendations. Being clear, direct, and easily understood is a skill that will advance your career in data. It may be a “soft” skill, but don’t underestimate it — the best analytical skills in the world won’t be worth much unless you can explain what they mean and convince your colleagues to act on your findings.

  7. Domain Knowledge

    • Domain knowledge changes from industry to industry, so you may find yourself needing to research and learn quickly. No matter where you work.​

  8. Problem-Solving

    • As a data analyst, you're going to run up against problems, bugs, and roadblocks every day. Being able to problem-solve your way out of them is a key skill.​​


  • Excellent verbal and written skills in English.

  • Excellent proficiency in Excel and analytical tools such as but not limited to:

    • R

    • Python

    • Tableau

    • SAS

    • Power BI

  • You will have at least 1 years’ experience in a data analyst/ business analyst position.

  • You will be enthusiastic about opportunities to improve and adapt your skills as our business needs require.

  • You would initiate and maintain processes of automated data

  • You would develop and support various reporting processes.

  • You would work with both internal and external clients to adequately understand data content.

  • From time to time, you would prepare reports for both internal and external audiences 

  • Attention to Details - These are also important data analytics tools that any intending data analyst must develop.

  • Ability to pay attention to details allows a data analyst find and see initially unseen details and
    links. This ability is especially important at the point of solving problems and making decisions.
    One who pays attention to details to work better and stands lower risk of making errors.
    Employers do not joke with this strength.

  • You have the ability to answer questions and solve problems for your clients as well as within your team.

  • You are comfortable with Matlab, Python, big data tools (Spark, Hive HQL) and so on.

  • You are a self -starter with strong time management prioritization skills and have the ability to -work unsupervised.

  • The ability to perform accurately, effectively and methodically under pressure.

  • You have the ability to work in a fast paced environment.


  • MS Excel

  • Analytics platforms,technology

  • Data interpretation

  • Analytical mind

  • Numeracy Skills

These refer to mathematical skills which include a wide range of abilities including:

  • Having a good knowledge of figures and numbers.

  • Understanding the relationships existing between numbers.

  • Interpreting mathematical & statistical information.

  • Having the ability to organize information.

  • Being conversant with trends.

  • Knowing how to measure and analyze data.

  • Being able to work with graphical information.

  • Possessing calculation skills.

  • Excellent communicator. In other words, you must be able to facilitate meetings, make the right requests and be an active listener in order to assimilate new information. Your communication proficiency should also cut across different digital platforms such as internet, conference calls, SMS among others. The nature of this job requires you to spend a significant amount of time relating with management, users, developers and clients.


  • Work with a dynamic group of entrepreneurial and high achieving professionals.

  • Work with great clients both local and multinational.

  • Work in a multilayered environment.

  • Work in a creative and open office culture.

  • Be a part of an open decision making process from the top down where your input is valued.

Continuous learning, innovation and agility are at the core of who we are and how we deliver industry - leading results to our clients. Joining our expanding entrepreneurial company at this exciting stage means that growth and opportunity is limitless.


We are very driven and passionate about what we do: we’re also laid back and make sure we have a good time while we do it.


Due to the high volume of applications we receive, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. We provide no guarantee that unsolicited cvs and external entries outside of the website will be reviewed. We expect due diligence to paid to our application process for consideration.

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