Why & How?

This will help you create purpose through meaningful engagement

Creating purpose among employees is important for any season, more so during a time of ambiguity & crisis.

A sense of purpose can only be brought about though meaningful engagement and creating meaningful engagement requires an organization to address the needs of the employee from the ground up, ensuring the correct foundation is laid. Our survey allows you to layer information on the tested Hierarchy of needs by Maslow, ensuring you have visibility on engaging primary priorities as you approach the creation of purpose.

Focus on the right area to maximize your limited resources.

Understanding where your employees stand on 4 key aspects will help you focus you limited resources of time and expertise in the right direction assisting them alleviate challenges, and leverage abilities while maintaining focus on proving the right sense of security. 

Use measurable data to track progress

The survey will provide you will measurable data points allowing you to track your progress in establishing meaningful engagement. This allows you to know exactly where you and your employees are in the process of navigating uncertainty and adversity, while continuously being able to direct the right attention to where it is needed.

5 step model to creating Meaningful Engagement©

The survey is based on the 5 step model to creating meaningful engagement©. The model above has been designed based on Maslow's Hierarchy of needs and research done by Google on the key factors required to engage high performing teams.

Your key take aways & insights


You will be able to gauge the level of psychological safety your employees are experiencing.  Financial security, job security and concerns over health are primary needs that require to be addressed before progressing to the next steps. This will give you insight as to how far these needs are met.


Understand if your employees have the support they need both inside and outside the organization. Get to know what they think of the present support provided and how they perceive your ability to support them through a crisis.


Is your communication clearly reaching all employees? What views do they have on your leadership during this time and have they received the clarity they need? Understand the above key aspects through these insights.


Before committing on skill development use this insight to understand where your employees stand in terms of digital transformation and working from home. Get a clear picture if they have the focus they need and what challenges they have in achieving productivity.

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