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Data Scientist

You will join our rapidly growing team, collaborating with colleagues and clients to harness the power of data science and AI. You will be involved in framing new business challenges, designing innovative algorithms, and deploying scalable solutions. Our product offerings range from fully custom-built people analytics and solutions to industry-specific AI software & platforms.

What you'll do

As a Data Scientist at Sandbox, you will apply data science methods and analytics to real-world business situations across various industries, driving significant business impact. You will partner with clients on key topics, including climate change, to design, build, and deploy innovative solutions.

Your responsibilities will include developing and delivering thought leadership in scientific communities, presenting at conferences, and contributing to academic papers. You will play a crucial role in transforming organizations into AI-led innovative companies.

During each project, you will gather and analyze data, develop and test hypotheses, and craft actionable recommendations. You will present your findings to client management and work closely with client teams to implement your recommendations. This role may involve travel to client locations.

In this role you will:

  • Frame Business Challenges: Define and structure complex business problems to find actionable insights.

  • Design Innovative Algorithms: Develop and implement cutting-edge algorithms to address client needs.

  • Deploy Scalable Solutions: Ensure that the solutions you create are scalable and sustainable.

  • Client Engagement: Work closely with clients across various industries to understand their challenges and deliver impactful solutions.

  • Thought Leadership: Contribute to scientific communities, present at conferences, and publish papers to showcase your expertise.

  • Visualize Complex Data: Distill complex results into simple, clear visualizations and explain sophisticated data science concepts in an understandable manner.


At Sandbox, we value a meritocracy-driven culture where your growth and career progression are in your hands. This role offers you the opportunity to deepen your expertise, expand your skills, and make a significant impact.

While you will have opportunities to specialize as you advance at Sandbox, you will start with a broad focus, exploring various industries and functions. For experienced professionals, this role offers the chance to build on existing knowledge or develop expertise in new areas.



Advanced degree (Master’s or PhD) in Data Science, Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Operations Research, or a related field.

Excellent communication skills, with the ability to explain complex concepts clearly and effectively.

Proven experience as a Data Scientist, with a strong track record of applying advanced analytics to business situations.

Strong project management skills and the ability to lead teams.

Proficiency in Python and modern development tools; experience with software development or DevOps is a plus.

Deep understanding of modern machine learning techniques and their mathematical foundations.

A passion for data science, statistics, operations research, and transforming organizations through AI.

Comfortable in client-facing roles, with the ambition to drive projects and lead initiatives.

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