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Sandbox Faculty Person

You will join Sandbox's renowned faculty panel, collaborating with seasoned professionals to deliver impactful learning experiences. Your role requires a deep understanding of your subject area, drawn from extensive corporate experience, and the ability to engage and inspire professionals.

What you'll do

As an Expert Faculty Member at Sandbox, you will leverage your corporate experience to teach and deliver content to our diverse audience in line with our portfolio. Your responsibilities will include developing and delivering high-quality training programs, workshops, and seminars. You will work closely with our team to ensure that all content is practical, relevant, and rooted in real-world experience.

In this role you will:

  • Delivering Engaging Content: Teach subject areas with expertise and confidence, ensuring content is engaging and practical.

  • Utilizing Corporate Experience: Draw upon your extensive experience in the private sector to provide real-world insights and solutions.

  • Maintaining Discretion and Integrity: Uphold a high level of integrity, ensuring discretion and a non-compete attitude within your field.

  • Fostering Professional Growth: Support the development of professionals, helping them achieve their career goals.

  • Collaborating with Colleagues: Work with fellow faculty members to continuously improve and innovate our training offerings.


At Sandbox, we value a meritocracy-driven culture where your growth and career progression are in your hands. This role offers you the opportunity to deepen your expertise, expand your skills, and make a significant impact.

While you will have opportunities to specialize as you advance at Sandbox, you will start with a broad focus, exploring various industries and functions. For experienced professionals, this role offers the chance to build on existing knowledge or develop expertise in new areas.


Proven expertise in your subject area, with significant corporate experience.

Demonstrated experience in teaching or delivering professional content, with references available.

Native English proficiency; multilingual abilities are a plus.

Ability to engage and inspire professionals, with a strong track record of effective teaching.

High level of integrity and dependability, with a commitment to maintaining discretion.

Strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues.

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