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The Triad of Organisational Excellence

Crafting Future-Ready Businesses through the synergy of Culture, Structure, and People.

Empower your workforce, streamline your processes, and cultivate a growth-centric culture to drive unparalleled performance. Transform vision into tangible business outcomes with CSP™.

Sandbox's unique consulting approach, centred around our proprietary CSP™ methodology, encompasses the entire spectrum of our services. From strategic visioning to operational optimisation, leveraging human potential to financial optimisation, we offer a holistic solution that emphasises people-powered performance.

Sandbox stands out as a leader in performance consulting, built on a foundation of trust, quality, and innovative thinking. Our journey has been marked by transforming business challenges into opportunities, all while emphasising the significance of Culture, Structure, and People.

As a pre-eminent consultant, we have consistently demonstrated our commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering unparalleled results. With CSP™, we unite the diverse facets of business, drawing upon our deep-seated expertise to achieve remarkable outcomes.

At Sandbox, our multi-faceted service portfolio empowers our consultants to apply their vast industry knowledge, ensuring that every solution is tailored to resonate with the unique DNA of each business. With CSP™ at the heart of our approach, we don't just address business challenges; we redefine performance.

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We Rise By Lifting Others. We Deliver Value With Creativity. We Are What We Need To Be. We Work On Merit. We Are Not Jerks. We Treat Others As We Wish To Be Treated. We Embrace The Full Picture. We Grow Through What We Go Through. We Pursue Excellence In Work And Life.

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We Are People Powered. We Are Data Driven. We Are All Action. We Are Compulsively Curious. We Are Constantly Customising. We Are Solution Seeking.


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We Do

At the heart of every thriving business is its workforce. We dive deep into the entire employee experience, harnessing their potential to steer your company towards its envisioned future. Our approach ensures that every member of your team is empowered, aligned, and actively contributing to your organisational goals.

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We Do It

CSP™ forms the backbone of our methodology. Through it, we examine the critical facets of the employee journey that determine overarching performance:

Setting the right environment where innovation thrives and values resonate.

Streamlining processes for optimal efficiency and productivity.

Recognising, nurturing, and amplifying the potential within each individual.

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Drawing from our extensive service areas, we customise solutions to match your unique challenges and objectives:

Performance Consulting:

Unlocking your team's potential for peak performance, strategically enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness through people-centric, data-driven insights & optimisation.

Culture Consulting:
Cultivating a resonant and robust organisational culture that aligns with strategic imperatives, fosters engagement, and drives performance.

Leadership Development with PLDP™ Credibility:
Our proprietary People Leaders Development Program (PLDP™) has been a transformative force, evolving managers into visionary leaders and turning business challenges into revenue opportunities. Recognised by over 23% of Sri Lanka's LMD 100, PLDP™ stands apart with its tangible ROI, boasting over 5 billion LKR in direct CFO-verified results.

Strategy & Productivity Efficiencies:
Ensuring every action aligns with your long-term vision and yields maximum returns.

Talent Management and Development:
Identifying, nurturing, and retaining the best talent that aligns with your organisational goals.

Capacity Building:
Empowering your team with the skills and knowledge to excel in their roles.

Data & People Analytics:
Harnessing data-driven insights to make informed decisions.

Assessment Centres:
Evaluating and refining skills, competencies, and potential for growth.

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