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Sandbox is a performance consultancy focusing
on data driven approaches to empower people
and improve organisational performance. We can
stand behind what we claim because we’re the only performance consultancy in Sri Lanka to specifically link your performance metrics to our customised programmes – so you’ll always be able to assess our  impact on your bottom line.

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What we believe

Our philosophy is simple: we believe People Power Performance, so you must continuously add value to your people to fuel and sustain your performance drive. In today’s post-millennial knowledge-based economy intellectual capital is key. Your
people are an invaluable commodity. Investing in their knowledge, skillsets and shared culture is absolutely vital. This strategy gives you a razor sharp edge over the competition.

We know that People Power Performance because your people have infinite value potential. Despite conventional thinking, individuals are not functional automatons. Each person is capable of many simultaneous actions and outputs, as well as learning new skills – all of which can lead to multiple areas of growth and development for your business. You just have to put people at the heart of what you do, engage with them and create the right environment for everyone to thrive.


Our programmes and services will transform this aspirational vision into a concrete reality Ready to unleash the performance beast?


We are People Powered. We are Data Driven. We are
All Action. We are Compulsively Curious. We are
Constantly Customising. We are Solution Seeking.


We rise by lifting others.

We value family first.

We deliver value with creativity. We are what we need to be.

We work on merit.

We are not jerks.

We treat others as we wish to be treated. We embrace the full picture.

We grow through what we go through.


We maximise your company's performance with our Culture, Structure, People, or CSP© approach to complete employee experience management. Our holistic process ensures your employees are engaged, upskilled and aligned with your company culture, leading to a stronger, more productive workforce.


We believe that sustainable performance  comes from empowering your people. So even when confronted with  the most complicated of client problems we have three concentrated  points of analysis: Culture, Structure People™. We’re now entering fluid and multi-
dimensional territory. Psychology, behavioural patterns, metaphorical and  literal data flow, structural mechanics, abstract concepts of brand and  culture, causation and correlation: all these nuanced ideas come into  play. To decipher such complexity requires a robust analytical process - a  series of steps to drill down to insight, action and quantifiable results.


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