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We can stand behind what we claim because we’re  the only performance consultancy in Sri Lanka to specifically link your performance metrics to our  customised programmes – so you’ll always be able to assess our impact on your bottom line.

What  we're like

In a technology-obsessed time we still value people above all else. The brain’s power is infinite, reaching far beyond the most sophisticated Artificial Intelligence. The mind contains the answer to every problem, the creativity to change the game and the inspiration to spark every innovation. So we put people at the center of everything we do. But it’s not just about output.
It’s about human connection. At Sandbox we talk face to face. We share new experiences. We learn and fail together. We engage with each other every day. To nurture our humanity is to keep us
happy, healthy and functioning at the highest possible level.

All the aesthetic beauty of snowflake
can be reduced to a fractal equation.
The orbit of the planets refined as a series
of numbers on the semi-major Axis. Data
is the code behind the workings of the
world - a peek behind the curtain into the
mechanics of everything. We must revere
such a valuable tool. We must use it as
the foundation for any strategy, decision
or action. If not it’s all just guesswork.
Guessing leads to going around the
houses, red herrings and ultimately
inefficiency. Data is a two way street of
production and interpretation. So you
need to know what to quantify and how
to measure it. And you also need to be
able to extract the insight from the facts
and figures. Reading between the lines
to take affirmative action. We are data
specialists. So data is in our DNA,
governing what we do and how we will
work with you.

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