In contrast to the expanse of your industry, do your employees represent the future?

Are you equipped with the best teams to tackle your competition?

The world is growing at an exponential rate with industries moving from ATM technology to Artificial Intelligence in the blink of an eye. Existing data and information on changing industry dynamics is vast and extensive. Being prepared for the future requires tapping into the right sources of knowledge. For this, engaging with the best consultants that can provide you key insights, guidance, and solutions is essential.

We at Sandbox have just the kind of people expertise your company needs. Having worked with top corporations that hold a high market share in each industry, our reach and our experience is wide, varied and extensive. 


Consisting over 15% of the local workforce and 50% of industrial exports annually, is Sri Lanka’s first industry having passed the USD 5 billion in exports in 2018.

Our Experience

Sandbox clientele represents up to 70% of the Sri Lanka’s apparel and fashion industry that are among the top 50 global players such as Brandix, MAS Holdings and Triumph International.

We assist our clients deliver an estimated 60% improvement in collaborative results and developing team performance, transforming over 200 teams in Sri Lanka’s apparel industry via innovation and agile problem solving, value driven eco systems, and employee engagement technology.

The Future

By inspiring people engagement and teams – Sandbox supports an industry heading towards smart clothing, rapid innovation, automation and green manufacturing, signals the need for strong global relationships and apt leadership to handle expanding teams.


Apparel & Fashion Industry.


With Sri Lanka’s digital literacy reaching almost 40% and the ICT industry reaching a current milestone of 1 billion USD in ICT exports, the future of this industry is certainly on the rise. In an increasingly globalized and digitized world, Sri Lanka is taking measures to reach the grassroots through better education, training and access to ICT while Sri Lankan companies in the sector are moving steadily towards becoming global players in technology solutions.

Our Experience

Sandbox clientele over 50% of Sri Lanka’s ICT industries top firms, Fortude, WSO2, Virtusa, Mitra Innovation, and BPC Banking Technologies engaged with us for next gen employee value propositions, gamified employee assessments and sandboxes, people centric ecosystems, data driven people development and analytical expertise, leadership and team development, gamified engagement, culture and mindset transformation programmes and experience-based value addition – with measured results for 50% plus improvement in collaborative output, over 100 project teams and over multiple senior leadership teams.

The Future

Team development and analytics for internationally renowned WSO2 and Singapore’s BPC Banking Services reaffirms higher value to Sandbox expertise, to be people development consultants for ICT at the local level. Keeping Sri Lanka abreast in future digital age, ICT impacts and integrates all other industries fully digitizing education and healthcare. By driving collaboration, ideation and response via a digitized and flat-working environment, ICT nails a key challenge faced by tech players.

Information & Communication Technology.


Financial Services.

The financial services industry has seen a steady rise in the competition within the sector coming from non-banking financial institutions. It also faces increased limitations as a result of tighter regulations. Operational efficiency, risk mitigation, next gen engagement and digitization and enhancing customer experience have been the key focus areas of this industry so far in the context of Sri Lanka.

Our Experience

Being a long-term partner in people engagement for one of the “Big Four” giants; KPMG, has placed Sandbox on the top in terms of next generation engagement and collaboration expertise. The increase in team efficiency and collaboration as well as the reliability of Sandbox’s gamified experiences in employee engagement have resulted in a continued engagement with KPMG over the years. Our relationship led to Sandbox being the only firm to innovate and launch the KPMG global values through gamification in 2017. Our ability to hold the attention of the next generation of finance sector leaders makes Sandbox the ultimate consulting solution for your company.

Sandbox’s expertise lie in gamification, data analytics and evaluations, developing people skills and world class leadership, experienced based company transformation as well as results driven team performance to ensure your services are a cut above the rest.

The Future

Changing legislature, local and global policies in Sri Lanka, rapid and new developments impacting the sector can turnaround forecast overnight. To withstand sudden shocks, firms within the industry must rely on innovative technologies to sustain flexibility. Next generation engagement and collaborative cross selling of complementary services are other key factors. A key focus for people engagement, competency development, agile thinking and collaboration building.


Construction & Engineering.

Industry’s key focus of upgrading and upscaling of existing infrastructure, faces adapting and developing with technology and newer demands from the existing building, transport, water systems and workforces.

Our Experience

Sandbox enable solutions for tangible results measured with high performance team development, cutting-edge data analytics and experience-based company transformation. Our consultancies and unique experiences ensure value addition to yours within a fast changing industry. Dealing with PE Plus (Pvt) Ltd and S-Lon Lanka, Sandbox guided advanced team development methods to be data driven, and build operational efficiencies and network relationships, to reduce costs and improve margins.

The Future

Future transformation of digitized smart technologies incorporated with sustainable green cities yearn for major operational changes, higher efficiency, and better engagement with new machinery and technology. Sustainability, social responsibility, workforces expected to operate better, agile & faster and economical are priorities. Data and analytics too, enable better business decisions, strong growth agenda, and source the best interface.

FMCG, Manufacturing & Retail.

Our presence in driving innovation mindsets, position us in number 01, catering to over 70% of the Sri Lankan FMCG & retail sector, contributing over 30% to the national economy and 20% of Sri Lanka’s total employment. ‘Brick and Mortar’ retail are replaced by online shopping, retail experience apps and e-commerce solutions. Sector is under pressure to innovate and digitize at a rapid rate.

Our Experience

Sandbox provides skills development frameworks, high performance team development, innovating good ideas to great ones. Our ideation, planning, robust solutions lead transition from usual multinational mindset to an agile. It’s how we help firms unlock their full potential.

By dealing with Fortune 500 giants, Unilever and Nestle a record improvement of over 90% in ideation & innovation turnaround time for Fortune 500 levels clients, we grasp the local pulse with conglomerates such as Hemas Consumer Brands and the Capital Maharajah Organisation and experienced with global standards in innovation.

The Future

Face of the new retail frontier includes a digital customer experience with superior and flexible service, plus strong belief towards sustainable production and ecofriendly business models. In a rapid pace and highly volatile backdrop, Sandbox helps you shape mindsets, attracts, retains and keeps your next generation of talent engaged.


A good-sized share of Sri Lankan economy, diversified holdings from large scale family owned business to blue chip conglomerates head towards digitization. Generating leaders, developing teams and creativity and a robust framework to balance data driven decision making are vital. 

Our Experience

Unique insight into culture of diversified corporates successfully saw a transformation in systems and people, engaging over 100 teams and a diverse group of leaders in listed companies such as John Keells Holdings, Brown & Company, Hemas Holdings and the Capital Maharaja Organisation - delivering an improvement over 90% in collaborative and value driven culture metrics.

The Future

From a family business to a listed company or mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the key challenges -remain the ability to attract, engage and retain the right talent. Engage in the right talent with your value system and culture ensure that they grow with you – talks about Sandbox people centric eco-systems.


Diversified Holdings.