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Sandbox's signature experiences are so immersive, your employees will be in a larger than life experience that combines scientific simulation with recreational value. They are carefully structured and purpose designed end to end, to generate specific responses within a controlled environment. Capturing real time behavioural and performance data which  can be linked to organizational and team performance.  These purpose designed experiences provide valuable analytics and reporting on your teams and people. 


Rolling Thunder™

Benchmarking an F1 team is a study in high performance teamwork. The mission of Rolling Thunder, Sri Lanka’s only analytic backed racing training program; is to provide organizations, teams & leaders with the opportunity to use our formula of racing to meet specific objectives. Our team is available to analyze and create a measuring formula and thus help you to address your concerns such as building motivation & loyalty within your staff, your customers and prospects, animating an incentive, product launch or team building seminar. This one day experience also deals with the problems of performance under stress, team spirit, critical thinking, time management and much more. You don’t need to be a driver to be a champion!

Home F1

Rapid Response™

The Rapid Response experience was designed by Sandbox to benchmark an elite military team. Our mission is to allow teams, leaders and emerging leaders to use the concept and formula of gamified tactical paintball to boost problem solving and critical thinking as well as improve response time, adaptability and strengthen teamwork and synergy. Rapid Response moves beyond recreational paintball and drives key objectives that impact your ROI and office culture. It can also be used to build loyalty, motivation, agile thinking and provide a competitive incentive. These lessons are further integrated into the mindset of the participants by getting their participative (instead of prescriptive) response and feedback on how they could have performed better or resolved tasks better.

rapid res

Street Food Cook Off™

The Sandbox Street Food Cook-off is based on the idea that food brings people together, and is a culinary based experience where teams completely take over and run an evening street food service at an iconic Colombo location. Our clients have used this experience extensively to drive and enhance customer service, sales, performance under pressure, quality assurance and time management. It is also a great way to build up your teams in a fun and engaging atmosphere, while indulging in some good food and great bonding. This half day experience also provides the opportunity to invite and network with customers, prospects, company wide groups and networking teams. 

The cook-off is enjoyable as it is intense and completely changes people dynamics through a positive experience.

street food co
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