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Organisations are
made up of

Your people are your brand ambassadors. 

Ensuring your company's long term success will not depend only on technology and automation. It requires continuous investment in your greatest asset: your people.  

The human element.

Sandbox has identified the importance of focusing on a company’s core elements to bring it closer to its vision. Tangible and sustainable results depend on the human element of an organization which will build and scale high performing teams that deliver million-dollar returns.

Using our 5 factor approach which creates an organic chain of improvement through values, leadership, creativity, and productivity.  We drive human centric organizations that deliver extraordinary results. 



What do you

stand for?

The core values of your organization are a set of principles that define what your company stands for and ultimately boil down to why you do what you do.


Revisit the values of your company. Are they shared by your workforce? Are they inspirational in a way that it drives individuals to join your organization and your employees to remain committed? Do they drive your staff in the face of intense challenges? And are they fundamentally ethical in a way that decision making in complex situations is made simpler? Are they fundamentally shared by your people and new hires?

Our expert consultants at Sandbox can guide you towards building a foundation with the right values that will set your company in a league higher than the rest.



How inspiring
are you?

The right leadership can guide and influence teams to reach their goals effectively. Organizations are inherently goal oriented and require a strong leadership that can inspire groups to go beyond their comfort zone.

Leadership is not static. Each company must build a leadership style that is unique to their vision and their company culture.

We at Sandbox understand that leaders and teams cannot be built mutually exclusive to one another. Teams need exemplary leaders and leaders need reliable teams.

We provide situation bound expertise, helping the leadership of your organization to develop flexible and varied responses that depend on the circumstances they face. We support leaders to provide goal-oriented inspiration and consistent reliance.



Growing together

Company productivity relies on dynamic and efficient teams. Working in teams increases the input of skills, ideas and overall group morale.

Engaging with Sandbox can serve as a unique learning opportunity for your employees. Our research into functional team behavior enables us to provide you with expertise in boosting team productivity, innovative problem solving, peaceful conflict resolution as well as emotional intelligence through efficient interaction.



Think big,
think bold

Do your employees have a high level of intellectual creativity that is vital for the functioning of your company?

People often mistake creativity as an element limited to the arts. To undermine the need for intellectual creativity can result in unforeseen losses for a company.

Through data oriented and scientific research, our experts at Sandbox have identified the need for creative expression, innovation, and intellect. These elements are critical for developing an experimentation mindset within employees that will drive innovative ideas and creative problem solving which are essential and relevant to all sectors in all industries.



Be the best at
what you do

A combination of the right core values, exemplary leadership, dynamic teams, and intellectual creativity can provide exponential productivity as the outcome.

We understand that inclusivity and employee recognition, clear and inspiring goals, an opportunity for growth and value driven company culture are vital for organizational productivity. It is vital that productivity is measured through customer, employee, and company benefits equally.

Our expert consultants at Sandbox are Sri Lanka’s best at generating synergy and achieving bottom line results for your company through careful guidance and interactive support.

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