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Future Proof your talent©

A fully Sri Lankan HR Innovation 

The key differentiation with OAR™ Centers is that we carry out specified functional behavioral assessments that are unique to the needs of your company. Our valuations can capture accurate results of your employees functioning within a team network in realistic, high intensity scenarios where they cannot be self-assessed.

OAR™ assessments coupled together with our OAR™ reports and OAR™  talent dashboard empower management & HR to take the right steps forward in selecting your top talent, identifying critical roles, forecasting trends & performance and planning development and succession. Directly impacting your bottom line and business continuity.

Assessment Center
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Assessments are carried out in 3 key areas for individuals, leaders, and teams.

Skills &


Assessing the level of aptitude and capacity of your employees and measuring which skills and competencies they are better at and which ones need improving.

Identifying how motivated your employees are towards reaching company goals and targets including their level of productivity in

achieving those.

Orientation and

Value Driven

Measuring how invested your employees are in the values of your company and the kind of influence company values have over their performance.


“Well organized and extremely organic way of up-skilling staff and broadening their thinking”


How OAR™ benefits you

•Allows organizations to Future proof your talent©

•Custom developed for your company, industry & frameworks

•Dynamic insights to your people’s behaviour

•Objective & unbiased reporting

•Accurate capture of functional behaviour under pressure.

•Targeted to test for future organizational requirements

•Multi dimensional, interactive reporting

•Immediate development need identification and focus

•Enables identification & forecasting of talent & output trends

•Optional Interactive dashboards – with the option of continuously maintaining readings, improvements and declines of your talent pool. Which impacts your hiring & retention policies and ultimately your bottom line.

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